Hybrid SUV Stretch Limo Lets Patrons Enjoy Lap of Luxury with Small Carbon Footprint

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Santa Clara, California – LimeLite CoachWorks has refitted a Chevy Tahoe hybrid SUV into a stretch limo in a first-ever conversion of this particular model SUV into a limousine. In the process, they were able to expand the roomy Tahoe by an additional 13 feet while retaining the original system of the hybrid. Granted, the additional feet and weight will invariably affect the fuel economy of the vehicle, but it will have a lower carbon footprint than standard limousines. A normal Chevy Tahoe Hybrid enjoys 15 mpg city, 21 mpg highway for a combined 17 mpg. While LimeLite CoachWorks has not released the exact stats on the fuel economy of their stretch limo, it’s a fair bet it’ll be better than what a typical limo gets.

In fact, they have said that they expect the hybrid limo service to be 80% more fuel efficient than their gas-only limos. Given the rising price of fuel at the pump and the resulting price spikes that can have on a gas guzzling limo service, the increased fuel economy can help them maintain a price advantage over their competitors. While others may experience a waning public appetite for a limousine hire, LimeLite CoachWorks has opened a door to more business because of the environmental benefit hybrid vehicles offer.

Nowhere is this advantage more evident than when a customer enjoying their limousine hire needs to idle the vehicle. Idling a car engine burns gasoline inefficiently, but the hybrid Tahoe limo actually runs entirely on electricity allowing full access to all services without wasting a drop of gasoline. The services offered are very broad and included full-service wet bars, multi-color neon lighting, Karaoke machines, and flat-screen TVs. What is notable is how well the Chevy Tahoe hybrid was able to be expanded without the addition of more batteries. Their engineering development team increased the size of the first prototype by only 130 inches in a bid to be conservative. Given the success of this first unit, they plan to convert others but at a much more robust 220 inches or 18.33 feet.

For all this, the company is only getting warmed up. Their CEO admits that the most popular limo they have is the Escalade. In just 90 days, they plan to convert the first hybrid Escalade into a limousine which they expect to be a big hit with their customer base. They’re even a good investment, as they have proven to do well on the second hand market. These hybrid limousines let people have their cake and eat it too.



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